Recent Action on the Hitop…

We’ve caught some recent action on the Hitop branch, this time with another unusual visitor. We started out checking in with the yard office in Dickinson yard. The yardmaster informed us that an RS-1 still in NYC colors was up at Morris Fork switching out the Hardware and Farm Supply there, but would be coming back down towards Dickinson yard soon.

So, we headed out to Morris Fork, and luckily caught up with him just as he was ready to head back down to Dickinson. Since the speed limit is low on the branch, we didn’t have any trouble once again catching him one more time in the Kanawha County Feed and Seed siding picking up an empty fertilizer hopper.

We were lucky once again later that afternoon, as we camped out in Hitop, where we heard a train struggling up grade. We knew this must be the Hitop mine run coming uphill to switch the mine. Sure enough, he came out of the nearby tunnel with exhaust billowing out of his stacks with empty hoppers for the mine. A  last check-in with the guys at Dickinson yard informed us there had been some Baldwin Sharks coming down the Secondary recently. We’ll search for these soon and report! A good day of railfanning this line in West Virginia….NYC at Morris Fork

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