Weathering the WM car


I’ve had this car awhile now, so I’m not sure the manufacturer exactly, but I believe this is an Atlas car. As with all my cars, I replace the wheel sets with for the most part Intermountain or ExactRail wheelsets. I also always replace the couplers with Kadee whisker couplers.

As far as weathering, I wanted a well-worn look on this car. However, I did not fade the paint on this one. On other cars I have used the white oil paint method to fade the paint, but on some cars, I have simply used a lighter Bragdon powder as a base to lighten up the car. I then seal this layer (if using the powder).

Before I go any further with the weathering, I also before I start weathering put the thin brass ACI labels made by BLMA on my cars. This car was coated with a coat of light brown powder to simulate dirt. The darker spots were created using clear liquid acrylic, then dabbed while still wet with a dark brown powder.

For the roof I went with several different colors of oils, randomly dabbing these on, and as you can see then wiping them across the roof to get the effect I wanted. After letting the oils dry for a considerable amount of time, I then put a final seal of Dullcote on to finish things up. Here’s another photo of this car at work:


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