Ride along on the day pickup/Part 1


Today, we get the Day Pickup job, which leaves Dickinson yard, and switches out the other companies/industries along the main and branch. Two local jobs perform this task, our Day pickup, and the Night Pickup, better known as the “Night Crawler”. The day starts early, so grab your camera and ride along…

Bill is our engineer today for the job, a long-time fixture on the railroad. I’ll be his head-end brakeman today, while Jimmy our conductor, and Butch, our rear-end brakie will bring up the rear in our N5C. After we all register over in the yard office, fill our thermoses with coffee, we head down the track to a different engine today, an ex-NYC GP9 #6075, still in the old lightning stripe scheme. Our engine is a sister engine to PC #7466, ex-NYC #6066, which is working over in the yard, assembling the morning mine run. After firing the old girl up and doing a pre-trip check of our power, and getting our clearance from the dispatchers desk in Charleston, we pull the guys in the cabin down the service track out onto the yard lead shy of the main.

Cutting off our engine, we pull out onto the main to run around our cabin, as we’ll be heading westbound today. After shoving our cabin out onto the main to clear our yard lead, we start the business of assembling our train. First cars pulled will be from track two, two forty foot boxes for the Morris Fork Hardware and Farm Supply at the end of the branch. After shoving these onto our cabin, next we pull two empty chemical tanks out of track three for Allied Chemical, followed by one more forty-footer out of track two for Kanawha County Feed and Seed. With everything coupled up after pulling hoppers out of track 5 and air test complete, we radio the desk in Charleston that we’re departing the yard.

More to come….

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