Train NT-5….

In the above photos: A loading track at Allied Chemical, while train NT-5 gets underway headed to Columbus, Ohio

This train was the main forwarder of high revenue chemical traffic coming out of the Kanawha valley to Buckeye yard in Columbus, Ohio and points beyond. Of course this chemical traffic originated at many plants up and down the valley, with loads being right up there with coal loadings. Originating in Dickinson yard with a 12:30 AM departure, the train was a hold-over from pre-Perlman days on the NYC, designed to wrest this chemical traffic away from the C&O in the  area. During the Perlman era on NYC, the train was given the same priority as the Chicago to New York perishable business. The train was of such importance to NYC that up until 1968, it was run through to Elmore, West Virginia over the Virginian under joint contract from Dickinson yard, with power and crews alternating. Of course the Virginian and later N&W came off the Secondary (and still does) at the site of DB Tower, 17 miles south of Dickinson yard…

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