Only trouble is….

With my article on the Hitop being published in the March issue of Model Railroader, I’m of course very much excited about seeing my layout in print, especially if it inspires someone else to get into, or get back into model railroading. In fact, I have two friends who have been inspired seeing my layout in person to start building their layouts.

There is only one problem however, and that is, since my article was submitted almost two years ago, I’ve made so many additions and changes to the layout as far as detail wise, it won’t look in the article as it looks now! I guess another article is in order showing all the additions…

6 thoughts on “Only trouble is….

  1. I read the article in the march MR and … your version of the MR Virginian is really great ( even better should I say ?) ! It’s nice to see how a staff project inspires some one to achieve a great result !!! Nice job on your rolling stocks as well.


  2. Steve, Congratulations on finally getting published after a 2 year wait. I had an incredible amount of fun building the Virginian along with you and the others on the thread in MRR. A question for you. Did you approach MRR with the article or did they approach you?
    Steve Henry (Pennsylvania version of the Virginian)


    1. Steve, many thanks for the compliment! I did have fun building the layout, and do hope to expand it slightly someday. You did an excellent job as well, and would love to see more of yours also. Kalmbach and Model Railroader approached me to do the article after seeing my website….:)


  3. Congratulations on a fine article in Model Railroader. It was a pleasant surprise to see that it was written by a man named Campbell in Parker, Colorado. That also applies to me. Perhaps we could run trains sometime — I also have an HO layout. I would also love to visit the museum in Greeley.


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