This week on the Hitop….

This week we feature a piece on the town of Hitop, West Virginia. The actual town of Hitop is an unincorporated town located in Kanawha county at an altitude of 1270 ft above sea level. The town of Hitop was located at the end of the NYC/PC branch of the same name, to serve many mines along the branch, including one owned by Union Carbide at Hitop. The last six miles of the branch were taken out of service in 1971 after the mine at Hitop closed.

My town of Hitop of course is not an exact replica. My town of course consists of the mine as the focus point. There is also two company houses, the Crossroads Baptist Church, a general store, or “company store”, and a service station garage. Across the tracks is the Kanawha county feed and seed. Hopefully I’ve been able to replicate the feel of a small mining town in the hills of Appalachia!


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