New waybills and switchlist…

As a collector, it comes in handy to have such a collection when also modeling. I have been a collector for about 30 years now, and have accumulated mostly paper related items, forms, rule books, timetables, track diagrams, photos, etc., with a few pieces of china and lanterns thrown in. Believe it or not, NYC, PRR, and PC have always been my favorites to collect items from, as for one, I grew up watching these roads at close hand, then worked on ex-NYC/PRR/PC trackage.

These items certainly come in handy when modeling the same road in miniature. My timetables for the PC Southern Region are a good example. It gave me valuable information on the area I decided to model, as did former NYC timetables for the area, being that this was all ex-NYC territory.

Such is the case here. In getting acquainted with PC employees working out of Sharon yard, even taking a few photos of the guys there, plus getting a cab ride across the yard in a GP-38, I was able to obtain some of these forms, which I have always treasured. In searching through my collection, I knew I had two forms which would come in handy for use on the Hitop branch, namely my car movement card, and switchlist.

These were scanned at home, then taken to a retail printer to be done. The switchlist however was reduced to 1 page, and a smaller size at the printer, then the car cards were color printed, also reduced in size by them to fit in the card holders from Micro-Mark.

So, I have replaced the previous switchlist I was using, along with my former waybills with these, to add that much more prototypical feel to the layout.

3 thoughts on “New waybills and switchlist…

  1. I found similar car movement cards on the Penn Central Online site, made a facsimile, and had several printed at an office store, but its really cool that you have some of the actual forms to use as the basis for yours! A great railroad keepsake indeed!


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