I recommend….

I feel I need to highly recommend a superb hobby shop, located out in Deshler, Nebraska called Spring Creek Model Trains. They can be found at almost every train show in the country, selling the latest in HO scale. They also carry N scale. The owners are good, friendly people, as are the people in their shop. Please give them a try! Their website can be found at: http://www.springcreekmodeltrains.com/

2 thoughts on “I recommend….

  1. Steve is completely “right on” about Spring Creek. I had run into them at various shows in the Kansas City area in the past decade and found their selection and prices most complete and competitive.

    Last summer, I stopped by their shop in little Deshler NE, and was OVERWHELMED. I think their business must be the top UPS shipper / receiver in all of Nebraska. The staff is wonderful. If you are within 100 to 150 miles driving from Deshler, it’s WORTH the visit. I-80 to the north, I-29 to the east, and I-70 to the south.

    Now that I’ve moved to a hobbyshop-less region, they will be doing some mail order / internet business with me for sure.

    (I have no affiliation or financial association with Spring Creek, just singing their praises. Hell, I had no idea where Deshler NE was until I googled it a few years back.)


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