When real life steps in…

Well, there are times in our model railroad worlds when real life events step in to derail our model railroads or delay them. Life events happen, illness, accidents, the birth or death of a relative, marriage, etc., etc. Such has been the case here with this author.

About a month ago, I sustained a broken foot. Of course, it is in the process of healing, which may take another several weeks. This not only has curtailed standing, or for that matter, walking to our garage and even sitting, and running the railroad. I’ve been able to submit several blog posts such as this from my tablet, while the leg and foot are propped up.

Hopefully, I’ll have more to report sooner than later on progress on the railroad, and railroad matters when I heal completely. I say hopefully, as now that warm summer weather is here to stay, I don’t look to be out of commission the entire summer. Of course with this, and being out of work for this period, it has also curtailed plans to expand the layout a bit this summer, and perhaps this year. Expansion is still planned, but it has taken a back seat at the moment.

Stay tuned for more photos, stories, and news once I get back to the railroad…..:)

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