A T&OC Shirt?

During the most recent train show out here in Denver, I had the privilege to meet two great guys from North Carolina who were there with Mohawk Designs at: https://www.mohawk-design.com/ selling all sorts of railroad apparel from railroads all over the US, both current and fallen flags. Of course what caught my attention immediately was the NYC/PRR/PC selection!

However, even more so than the roads mentioned, there was a selection of TO&C shirts for sale. T&OC btw stands for Toledo and Ohio Central, which was a railroad which gained control of the line I model. Here is a short history on the T&OC from my website page on the history of the secondary: In 1900, the Toledo & Ohio Central gained control of the K&M and the Kanawha & West Virginia Railroad. The K&WV ran 34 miles from Charleston up the Elk River to Blue Creek and then east to Kellys Creek. For many years it carried a significant amount of timber and coal. In 1910, the New York Central gained control of the Toledo & Ohio Central, into which it merged the K&M, the K&WV, and several other railroads in 1938. The Toledo & Ohio Central was finally merged into the New York Central System in 1952.

Needless to say, what an unusual but appropriate shirt to find! I had to have this shirt, which soon wound up being worn by me the second day of the show. I even had a former Ohioan come up to me while running my PC train and recognize the name of the T&OC. This gentleman was a retired railroader from Ohio who recently moved to Colorado. A current railroader from Ohio who was here on vacation also commented on my shirt and on running Penn Central trains, as did several of the public from New York state and other eastern states. I have to say the shirt will be a permanent feature at train shows from now on!

Of course, these guys at Mohawk Designs also had quite a bit of PC apparel as well, including a cool weathered looking sweatshirt. If you’re looking for great railroad apparel, be sure to check out these guys at the link above….


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