Progress and some changes….

This morning found me back out on the layout before it got awfully hot and hazy. Progress was made on the left hand side module, with half the roadbed going down, as well as some bases for the switch stands, and several stands. Below are several photos of this progress:

Notice in the one photo I used up some HO scale cork I had on hand as well as the foam roadbed. Of course, all the gaps without ties will be filled in with wood ties shortly. Now for the changes. In looking again at the track layout for Walthers Peterson Tool which would have become Trojan Steel, and the lack of information on Walther’s website as to where the loading door(s) for the inside loading track, and measuring again for the space allotted, I decided to substitute a different industry here.

The new industry will be the Holsum Baking Company based on Walther’s Magic Pan Bakery kit. To accommodate this industry, I had on hand an extra switch that I have cut into the track plan as shown below. This allowed me to add an extra siding for the bakery, to accommodate both syrup tank cars, and hoppers. The shipping department building for Allied Chemical has been eliminated from this spur. Hopefully working early tomorrow will allow me to finish the roadbed.

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