Layout update….

The past several days has seen some scenery work on both sides of the layout. First, all the industries were measured and laid out on the layout in marker as shown below. This is the spot where Davis Wholesale will sit, with the base of the building also in place:

Next, the dirt parking lot for Sam and Mickey’s grill was expanded as shown here:

Next up, the scenery around the yard office over in Dickinson yard was started and expanded today:

In expanding this area today, the gravel lot was extended, as well as the ground cover over to where the Water Street freight terminal from Walther’s will start. In the photos below, there will be concrete barriers soon between the gravel lot and the dirt/grass area.

Also in the photos I had to determine what to do with a deep chunk of foam that was missing from the edge of the gravel lot, so I decided to glue some static grass upright in this area, then trimmed the height down as shown below as well. I’ll probably add some static grass in with the coarse turf between the tracks and gravel. Still awaiting the remaining switch stands and yard mix ballast to finish these tasks. Stay tuned!

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