Updated expansion progress…

Sorry I haven’t posted an update in awhile, but when you get older sometimes you have to fight with illnesses and ailments. Such was the case with me the past three weeks.

Some progress has been made in the expansion on both sides. First, I was able to fill in some more ground cover as shown in the following set of photos:

Next, I was able to put down more detail and landscaping around the yard office in Dickinson yard:

Next up was building the grocery distributor kit by Walther’s and placing it on the layout:

Next, Richard Rineer, a friend of mine from the Colorado Model Railroad Museum in Greeley, Colorado brought down the Walther’s ADM elevator kit he had already built and did a magnificent job on. Rich was kind enough to trade his builtout kit with my un-built kit. The elevator has been installed with landscaping around it, and is already receiving cars:

Next work I was able to accomplish was building the fertilizer plant from Blair Line, placing that on the layout next to the elevator and landscaping that area, except for a guardrail that will reach between the elevator and fertilizer plant:

Finally, I had picked up two more company houses several years ago with no where to put them until now. These will sit at an angle inside the curve the other side of the Dickinson yard office. Eventually when this area around them are landscaped, there will be grass between the two houses with white picket fences by JL Innovative around them with trees placed around them as well, perhaps a row between them and the track. I have a photo in a Penn Central book of said company houses in the same setting sitting on a curve just south of Dickinson yard. Photo below of my company houses:


And last but not least, I hope to start soon experimenting with the Super Trees from Scenic Express and the associated foliage for them, then start “planting” them. Stay tuned!

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