Payback is sometimes sweet….

Indeed it is. Payback that is. Most think of payback as a bad thing, a chance to get even. My payback is a chance to thank those that have helped over the years with the layout, or long-time friends. That’s one of the joys of model railroading, especially a free lanced layout, where every siding or industry can be named after a family member or friend.

Although of course my layout is not free lanced, I still have to take a few liberties or modeler’s license whichever you prefer to call it, to fit industries in that I had or wanted that in the prototype did not belong there. For instance, the ADM elevator in Dickinson. However, that being said, I do have other industries named after actual locations, such as Spring Street yard, Holsum Baking, Allied Chemical, Davis Wholesale, etc.

In deciding on a larger freight house for Dickinson, being placed along the back edge of the yard, it provided me with a host of businesses and industries in the area that probably did not exist there in real life. Again, with that being said, I have added car routings into the freight house for two businesses I know are or were there: 84 Lumber and Tractor Supply. The other car routings for industry or business going into the freight house are for imaginary businesses in the area, and the same for a few car routings going into the team track at Alloy.

So, I’ve been able to add quite a few imaginary businesses and industries for car routings. The new industries are as follows: Carnahan Home Improvement based in Alloy, Lee Shoes in Dickinson, Wilbur’s Truck Parts and Service in Nitro, Kreiger Appliance Sales in Dickinson, Rineer’s Fine Veneers in Dickinson, Luce Tool and Equipment in Dickinson, and Rush Technical Labs in Dickinson.


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