Layout overview and expansion update part 1….

This just might be a lengthy update here. First, I wanted to post a current overview of the entire layout, then an expansion update of what’s to come.

The first photo I’ll start with is of the current layout, starting with the left front:


This photo shows the enlarged Armitage Furniture parking area where the old freight house was removed. No further changes are planned for this area.


This photo basically shows the “new” Spring Street yard area, now a support yard for the left hand expansion. That dark area to the right of the grey fuel standpipe was where the PC green shed was. No further changes are planned for this area.


The photo above is the lead for Spring Street yard and the mainline curving to the left, with the branch proper above curving around the mountain. The curved part of the branch where the ground cover is will get a line of Super Trees by Scenic Express here, as well as in the grassy area to the right of the main.


Moving around to the back of the original layout, we see the Hitop mine and new ballast/coal and cinders where the rusted NYC truck trailer sat. I may add a small coal pile here with a front end loader or bulldozer.


The photo above shows the community of Hitop, with from front to back: a company house, church, railroad yard office, Hitop mine, service station, and general store. Several trees were replanted in this area.


This photo shows the new alignment of the general store which was turned around, with one company house being taken out, and a parking area put in for the Hitop store.


The above photo shows the mainline and Kanawha County Feed and Seed, in the newly named “Snow Hill”. Snow Hill fertilizer is just out of view to the left front.


The photo above shows the end of the branch at Morris Fork, with the Morris Fork mine truck dumps visible plus Morris Fork Hardware and Farm Supply. No further changes are planned for this area.

I’ll continue with the expansion progress in part two….

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