Layout overview and expansion update part 2…..

Today I’ll cover the expansion progress starting with the left hand side. The very end of the left side is the Nitro area, which includes Paxton Salvage, Allied Chemical and the yard office as shown below:

In the left hand photo above you can see from front to back or right to left the open area where Allied Chemical will sit, with the first track being the loading track, second track is a storage track, and the third track is the main/lead. The dirt area with the siding is of course Paxton Salvage with the grey building in the second photo as its office. The scrapyard will eventually have Walther’s baler kit plus their hand painted miscellaneous junk piles scattered about, finally sprinkling in some actual metal shavings. It will also have a partial length of chain link fence.

In the right hand photo you’ll notice the small building near the front edge which is the security office for this side of Allied Chemical. The small gravel area is part of the parking lot for employees, which will have some curbside bumpers and a section of chain link fence on either side of the building running a short distance down parallel to the loading track. The small yellow colored building in the middle of the photo between the main and lead to Holsum Baking is a temporary yard office for Nitro, which will soon be replaced by a corrugated modern yard office.

Moving closer to the original layout you’ll notice the cork pad where Holsum Baking will sit, plus Davis Wholesale which is already in place as shown below:

This area is the West Charleston area. The space between the temporary yard office and Holsum will be Walther’s State Farm Supply which will become Wilbur’s Truck Parts & Service. This area will mostly be gravel with some static grass and or brush on the other side of the yard office. The area parallel to the run around track up to Holsum will have a guardrail installed. The back of the layout again will have static grass and trees installed. Finally, the area around Davis Wholesale will have some food and fruit crates plus eventually some food company trucks in the lot area.

Now moving to the right hand side of the expansion you’ll of course notice the enlarged Dickinson yard which runs to the end of the extension as shown below:

In the right hand photo you can see the layout of the yard, with the caboose track the first track in. It is assumed the locomotive service track is off the layout on this side. The tank cars are sitting on a designated track as in the prototype.

in both photos you’ll notice the industrial lead along the back edge, which will consist of the ADM elevator, the fertilizer plant, and a freight terminal, with the first two already in place.

Moving forward you’ll notice the yard office area which is basically finished scenery-wise. Also you’ll see the track closest to the main where the PC boxcar sits. This area is Alloy, with that track becoming the Alloy team track. The track closest to the edge of the layout will go into Walther’s machine shop representing Electro-Met division of Union Carbide. Photos below:

More gravel and static grass will be installed to finish out the scenery in this area with the loading ramp kit from Blair Line standing in for the team track. Eventually the area behind Electro-Met will also have an industrial water tower and an electric generating station from Walther’s or Bachmann installed.

So there we have it! With the completion I’ll have sixteen industries to switch on the layout. Stay tuned for more updates…..

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