An overhead view….

I was asked recently to take and post a few photos from an angle I hadn’t used previously, this being from the back of the original 4×8 layout. So last week, out came my phone to take these photos of both sides of the expansion. First I’ll start with photos of the left hand side (looking from the front of the layout as shown below:

In the top photo, you’ll see the mainline connection to the original layout with Armitage Furniture in the left foreground,with the small grill of Sam and Mickey’s on the other side of the mainline. The small restaurant is distinguishable by its rusted corrugated roof.

In the bottom photo, just beyond Sam and Mickey’s is the large Davis Wholesale, a regional food distributor. Beyond Davis is a cork pad where the larger Holsum Baking will sit, with its two unloading tracks where the covered hopper sits. Beyond the cork pad will sit Wilbur’s truck parts and service building, and behind is the new Nitro yard office. In the rear of the expansion is Paxton scrapyard on the right, and Allied Chemical on the left. The right backside of this expansion will be covered with super trees from Scenic Express.

One more view showing a closer view of the rear of this side. Now for the right hand side as you’re looking at the front of the layout. Photos below:

In the top photo you’ll see the connection with this side of the original layout. The triangular grassy area in the foreground will eventually be planted with trees. The “blank” spot in the middle of the gravel area is where Electro-Met will sit, along with an industrial water tower and a pre-fab electric substation.

In the bottom photo you’ll see the company houses on the left side of the track with behind it, the yard office for Dickinson yard which of course takes up most of this side. The short track on the right is the team track at Alloy which will have a loading/unloading ramp shortly. The open space beyond the yard office is where the freight house will sit, and beyond that, the fertilizer plant. At the end of the extension is the large ADM elevator.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned once again for more updates…..

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