Railfanning the Hitop

Today we were out about mid-day headed for the yard office at Dickinson yard to get the lowdown on any trains out and about. While we were talking to the yardmaster, he motioned over to a far track where GP9 7466 was coupling up to its caboose preparing to depart with the Spring Street turn. Photos below of the train:

In the photos above there is a hopper of fertilizer for Snow Hill, an empty tank car for Allied, two syrup cars for Holsum Baking, a gondola for Paxton Salvage, and a reefer for Holsum.

Next photo we grabbed was the turn waiting for orders at the yard office as seen below:


Next, we left Dickinson and caught the train starting up the valley in these two photos:

We followed the turn up the valley and caught him again entering Spring Street yard:

After setting off the inbound cars, 7466 starts pulling its outbound cars headed back to Dickinson yard, then we catch him departing:

Finally, we followed 7466 back down the valley and catch him entering Dickinson yard:


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