Expansion and miscellaneous….

Today I’ll update on a few different areas being worked on recently. First, I’ve basically finished with Holsum Baking with these additions: installing the piping along the track for unloading tank cars, the addition of some scrap piping in between the tanks going into the building, and doing away with the transfer building for several reasons, one being three of four walls were warped beyond being useable. Photos below:


Next up was the addition of some rusted rail installed over at Doug’s Hideout bar to keep anyone intoxicated from driving up onto the tracks:


Next up was installing a piece of styrene painted concrete as a base for these tall, thin tanks with their ladder and catwalk, then glueing the tanks down:


Think I’ve settled on the final layout of Allied Chemical. In the second photo below there will be another loading rack connected to that pipe protruding from the current loading rack. Between the tall tanks and four small tanks will sit one of Walther’s tall tanks. In the area between the four small tanks and the security office will sit the two story brick office building and probably a pump house….

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