Layout update part 3….

Another update on the layout today. Everything is on hand now to finish the layout, except for some picket fencing for the company houses over in Alloy. I had purchased some white picket fence from Bachmann, but to be honest, it looks too toy like. I’ll be ordering some more realistic looking fence from JL Innovative soon.

Since everything is on hand, I’ve started several projects at once. One project is building the telephone poles from Rix products. I’ve finished painting all the insulators green, and am just waiting on a replacement nozzle for my airbrush before painting the poles a grey/brown color to weather them.

Another project started is the service garage kit also by Rix/Pikestuff. I’m impressed with this kit, as the parts are neatly molded and fit well. It’ll be an easy kit to finish I believe. This kit will become the Fowler Plumbing Supply over by Dickinson yard.

Project three started is the Walther’s oil storage tank which will sit over in Allied Chemical. This appears to be an older Walther’s kit, and needs a bit of work to complete. Two holes need to be drilled into the tank itself for two valves. Having a Dremel but no drill bits posed a problem until yesterday when a drill bit set and chuck was purchased. The two holes were drilled today and the valves test fitted.

Project four was started and finished today, which was extending the Alloy team track with the addition of another loading dock by Blair Line. Finally, several more realistic forklifts were added to two loading docks, plus parking bumpers from Rix were placed on the layout.

Photos of all the projects below:

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