Layout update….

Finally a warm day again to get some work done on the expansion. First order of the day was to get some accurate mileposts on the layout. For example, the west end of Dickinson yard was at milepost 139, while the far eastern end was milepost 140. On the other side, Nitro was at milepost 111. Photos below:

Next up was to glue down the rest of the concrete parking bumpers:


Next up was to test place the tall storage tank by Walther’s. On this tank, instead of the curved stairways that wrap around the tank, I used a tall, straight ladder from the Magic Pan Bakery kit. I still need in this area to finish the administration building for Allied plus build another loading rack by Walther’s plus finish the barbed wire fence and the gravel ground cover.


Next order of business was adding the last two bill boxes from Micro-Mark over on the left hand side:

Next up: install several small trees from JTT, several trees placed behind Doug’s Hideout, as the start of the row of trees that will extend along the back wall:

Finally, I placed several new vehicles from Classic Mini Metals, one a good memory from the past, a Jewel Tea delivery truck, that’s now over at Sam and Mickey’s grill while the driver gets lunch. The other vehicle is a 60’s model refrigerated box truck that’s over at Davis Wholesale unloading:

That’s it for today. Probably up next tomorrow will be working on finishing the barbed wire fencing and putting down a little ground cover. Stay tuned….

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