Another big thank you!

As you may notice the visitor counter has just gone over 200,000 views. This within a 3 1/2 year period since I started this website. I’d like to say welcome to recent visitors to this site, as well as a huge thank you to all those who have visited over this time period! I’m pretty humbled, grateful, and gratified all at the same time over the response, as well as the comments and compliments.

Many modelers love large basement layouts, some double decked, while some are triple decked. Some oooohh and aaahhh over these, heck I do as well over a large beautifully built and executed layout. For those modelers that have such layouts, more power to you.

However, many more modelers don’t have the space, the time, nor the funds available to build such large layouts. Even my layout was started in 2012 and has taken this long to build with having to plan and purchase according to a strict budget. Being retired on a fixed pension or income means budgeting even more so. A young person just starting in the hobby must budget as well, especially with today’s prices.

Even more limiting is the amount of space one has to work with. Those in apartments have to chose between a smaller layout, smaller scale, or no layout at all.  If you have a garage as I do, it makes things a bit easier, however, it still limits your amount of space, especially if you’re leaving room for a vehicle. Even if you’re not factoring in a vehicle, a garage is still only so big.

As I’ve posted in this blog before, I was limited in my space, and funds. I needed a workable small layout that hopefully would expand around the walls of my garage, and now I have my dream that’s almost complete. I have enjoyed running 120 car trains on several club layouts, (one in particular), and have enjoyed running smaller trains on huge private layouts and one museum layout. I myself however wanted a switching layout that would take hours to work. I now have one thanks again to several people, one in particular.

Again however, with starting this website and posting on social media, I wanted to show what could be done with a smaller layout, one that could be expanded into a round the wall shelf type layout, and I hope I’ve done that. I wanted to show how much fun could be had with this type of layout. I know I’ve had fun, and hopefully soon will be able to show others through operating sessions.

I won’t elaborate further on the dangers of social media however, as I’ve already posted my thoughts previously. I have through this website enjoyed receiving comments and compliments that I have either helped another modeler either start their own layout, or inspired a modeler to finish a layout, or both, or through some tips in posts that I have helped a fellow modeler. That’s been even more gratifying than building this layout.

So for all those that have followed, or now follow this website, for those comments and compliments, I say THANK YOU….!

2 thoughts on “Another big thank you!

  1. Congrats! I also have a very strict budget, and have started saving for those good Atlas D&H locos instead of more $5 cars at train shows… Keep up the good work! I enjoy seeing other layouts that have a similar footprint to mine(4×8 with extension).


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