Excellent website….

I thought today I would post a short piece with links to an excellent website titled “WVNC Rails at: http://www.wvncrails.org. This is an excellent website put together by Dan Robie, who grew up in the Kanawha valley. This website is chock full of interesting photos and information of all the railroads in the area and beyond.

I have been given permission to use his page on the Kanawha and West Virginia Railroad, the area of course I model in the Penn Central area. This is an excellent page on the past and current history of this line. Here is the link to read this great page on his website: https://www.wvncrails.org/kanawha-and-west-virginia-railroad.html

I have also included a link to Dan’s excellent site under my blogroll. Be sure to check out this page and the entire website…!

2 thoughts on “Excellent website….

  1. Dear Steve,

    Wonderfull websites. I have just recently started my own version of the Virginian and i have been debating on what railroad/era to model. you have really inspired me model the PC. Thanks.



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