Compliments are always nice to receive on a model railroad layout. They’re especially nice to receive when they come from a current or retired railroader. Such was the case yesterday.

I had met my close neighbor here where I live before, but I was surprised in talking to him yesterday in our parking lot. For you see, I found out that he’s a retired railroader that worked for BN, and just into the BNSF merger. I also found out he worked from Sterling, Colorado to Denver. Sterling is where my great grandparents homesteaded back in the 1870’s. It’s a small world indeed, as he also worked out of Alliance, Nebraska for awhile, which is where a great uncle of mine worked as an engineer in the steam era of the thirties and forties. It’s also amazing that the first locomotive I worked on was ex-BN GP7 #1579.

Of course as retired railroaders do, we talked about experiences for quite awhile, before I asked him if he’d like to see my project in my garage. When I opened up our door to the layout, the compliments started to flow. My neighbor complimented me on my weathering, my details on the layout, and exclaimed how realistic the layout looked.

Compliments are always appreciated, but I think more so from actual railroaders themselves. The compliments yesterday were very much appreciated and gratifying!

Just as a refresher, here again is I&O’s first locomotive on the Mason line, with myself by the open engine door, ready to fire this old girl up:

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