I have in the past two days closed my Facebook group on my layout. I’ve done this to concentrate on the website here, as the Facebook group just didn’t get the following and interest that the website does. For the interest and the following I have here I again say thank you!

Because of closing up the Facebook page, I plan to post more frequently here on the website, so look for more frequent updates. As far as the layout goes, except for details it is basically finished. I’d still like to add a few more Scenic Express trees, finish the electric utility pole line by Walther’s, add a few more detailed vehicles, and some better detailed signs from a company I recently discovered.

I’m also trying to test this STS computer based program I recently posted on, so stay tuned for those results. Yesterday I ran an operating session using an STS switchlist and waybills with the Nitro job and Spring Street job. Below are several photos of the switchlist at the start of the session, and several waybills in their appropriate spots over in Nitro:

Once again, for those that have joined us from the closed Facebook group, welcome! For those of you who continue to follow me from other areas, I want to thank you again. I’ll leave you this morning with several scenes from the session yesterday:

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