Does anyone remember?

Does anyone remember Jewel Tea Company? I purchased this mini-metals model of a 50’s model Jewel Tea truck that I remember from my childhood in the sixties that used to deliver to our home. Photo below of this model:

I remember these brown trucks showing up delivering coffee, tea, spices, and as I recall, some other foods as well, and several times, linens. As I recall these deliveries came every week or every other week. This truck reminds me of a little piece of my childhood. Does anyone else remember?

One thought on “Does anyone remember?

  1. Of course, the Jewel Osco chain of food and drug stores across the Chicagoland area were part of the Jewel Tea Empire. I think they used to use the name Jewel Tea in their advertising for several years, then changed it to Jewel and added on Osco when they got that end of the business. By the time we left Chicagoland in the mid 90’s, they had greatly reduced the usage of “Jewel Osco” to advertise their stores. Then of course, Osco was spun off in some markets to a drug store only.


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