Another project….

Next up on the workbench is another car I had purchased from Spring Creek awhile back, this one a Walther’s Mainline car. I like these cars, as they have enough detail to suit me, including underbody detail, and at Spring Creek’s price of $20, you can’t beat it!

This car of course is a glossy dark blue right out of the box. The first thing I did after removing the trucks and couplers was to mix a dark blue I had with white Vallejo paint and fade the car. I next went over the sides and ends with dirt brown pan pastels. I then added some kick up dirt to the ends, and a light spray of Vallejo dirt to the bottom sill.

I finished up so far by painting the bottom of the car a roof brown/grimy black mixture as well as the trucks, then added a bit more roof brown and painted the wheels. I’ll let everything dry for 24 hours, then seal everything with dull coat from Vallejo. The final touches will be to rust the couplers and add ACI panels from BLMA. Photos below of the car so far:

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