Details, details….

It’s all in the details. Details on a model railroad in my opinion add a great amount of realism to a layout. Details make a layout come alive I believe. The more you can replicate the real world, the more your miniature world will be an eye opener.

Recently I’ve been working on small details for the layout. I first started with more of Walther’s electric utility pole set, building six more of these poles. I first spray painted the poles and cross arms with a brown/grey mixture to weather things a bit. I then painted the insulators with Tru-Color Southern green. I then painted the transformers grey, then proceeded to build the poles. After sealing everything, I then installed these on the remaining part of the expansion where they were needed as shown below:

Next details I added were signs from a company I discovered on another modelers YouTube channel. These signs were very prototypical and they didn’t disappoint. I still have to install some whistle posts on the original layout when I can get my hands on a bit more powerful drill, to get through my 3/4 inch plywood. The rest of the signs I’ve installed, most into the foam on the layout extensions as shown below:

Little details. Details that I again believe have added just that much more to the layout. Next on the horizon, installing some more concrete barriers in places that were made for me by a friend. After this project, work on a sky/cloud backdrop will start using Masonite. Stay tuned….!

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