New additions….

Today I’m posting about several new additions to the layout, both done for me by the same good friend who has been a tremendous help throughout building the layout.

The newest additions are painted backdrops, for both sides of the layout. These are painted blue with for now wispy clouds painted on. Probably this Saturday I’ll add a few more clouds. Right now just the left hand side is up as shown below.

These are really a huge help in the scenery department, especially along the left side where it hides the main power cord coming down from the ceiling. These of course will also help greatly with taking photos.

Speaking of the power cord above, the main power comes off the only outlet in our garage, which is in the ceiling directly behind the garage door opener. I had to run the cord over across the ceiling, then down the wall into the box shown here:

The second addition is a new bus panel for the back side of Dickinson yard, which was a great suggestion from the operating session. The bracket to mount this and cord is in place, with the bus panel coming in two days from Spring Creek Model Trains. This panel will of course allow another operator to work the yard, or move his train out.

Stay tuned for more…..!

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