We’ve been working on the railroad…

I say we, as my good friend Tom was once again hard at work making up two more backdrops for the right hand side of the layout, which got installed today. These were done on Masonite with clear sky blue Valspar flat paint, with white and grey acrylics used for the clouds. Photos below:

In other work today, another NCE cab bus panel was installed on the backside of Dickinson yard, a suggestion made during the first operating session, with this shown below:

The clamps you see above are holding the backdrop onto the layout. Next up, I finished color coding all the waybills for cars currently on the layout to their appropriate stations:

Last but not least, Tom was gracious enough to give a box of bottle brush trees to “plant” on the layout, which I did in quite a few locations. These additional trees really changed some of the areas significantly. Photos of the “new” trees below:

Finally, I filled in a few gaps over on the left hand side of the layout:

That’s it for today, stay tuned for the next blog post….

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