Today on the Hitop…..

Despite the cold and snow today I actually got into the garage and changed out a few new trees, and took some photos. Below you’ll see a tree up on the branch with some dead branches, a closer look at a few more trees over by the company houses, and trees I changed out to further fill a gap over along the left backdrop:

Some dead branches on these….
A few more trees added along the company houses….

Gap filled in with new trees….

Finally for today, a fifty foot boxcar from Moloco is on the yard lead in Spring Street yard. This NYC boxcar is assigned to P&G in Cincinnati (Ivorydale):

That’s it for awhile, as it looks like old man winter is going to set in….

2 thoughts on “Today on the Hitop…..

  1. Hi. I’m finally getting round to building my version of the Virginian. Can someone tell me if they used the 22 radius atlas set track like mrr article states was used. All of their track plans scale this radius at 21″ and they have 3″ between centerline of mainline and edge of plywood. Also similar question for location of the radius point on each end of the layout. They have it at 24 inches from edge of plywood but plans show 3″ edge distance?

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    1. Good morning! First, thanks for following the Hitop. As far as the Atlas sectional track, MR had some of their measurements a bit off, so I wound up using Micro-Engineering flex track. This also applies to the radius point, so I had to adjust this as well, but after eight years I don’t recall how far in …..


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