Hauling the black diamonds

It’s been awhile since I’ve followed either the Morris Fork turn, or the Hitop turn, so today I’ll post recent chasing trips of both. The Morris Fork turn I followed recently, the Hitop turn I chased yesterday.

it was fine weather for both trips, a bit cool in the morning with a bit of fog which burned off in the valley around ten. After a stop at Sam and Mickey’s grill, a local favorite, for breakfast, I headed over to Dickinson yard to catch GP9 7394 coupled up to the Hitop turn getting his air test before departing as seen below:

Hitop turn pumping up his air in Dickinson yard before departing

I then took off and headed up into the hills to catch the turn going into one of the two tunnels on the branch as shown below:

Hitop turn heading into one of two tunnels on the line

We caught up to the turn coming into Hitop, and watched him work Union Carbide’s mine, finally stopping to eat lunch in the Hitop yard office before departing for Dickinson. Photos below:

After a morning and early afternoon of chasing trains, I had to leave the hills and head back to the valley to run those everyday life errands, but had to grab this photo at sunset! Another day in the Kanawha Valley:

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