Future additions….

When life returns to normalcy at some point, and the weather improves, I do plan small additions to the layout. Nothing major, but I’m speaking of details going in. One item I’d like to add to the layout if it looks halfway decent and is easy to use would be the new upcoming pole line from Woodland Scenics.

Another detail I’d like to check out would be weeds from Martin Welberg. I’ve seen these used on other layouts, and they’re very realistic. Another detail item I need to add would be more period vehicles.

One other item I’d like to check out are some of the adhesive photo backdrops available and attach them to the already great painted sky backdrops done by my friend Tom. These would be cut down to still leave the painted sky and clouds showing.

Finally, I’d like to check out some of the fencing from Woodland Scenics to place between the company houses, as I think these are much needed there.