Under stormy skies….

That’s the title actually of the photo accompanying this post. Sometimes railfanning is curtailed when stormy skies brew up. Railroading also sometimes stops under certain conditions, such as tornado warnings nearby. Or so they do today anyway. I remember an instance when in the huge, terrible outbreak of tornadoes on April 3, 1974, a huge F5 tornado swept through Xenia, Ohio and blew a moving train right off the tracks blocking Main Street.

Other weather related issues can stop a railroad dead in its tracks as well. Downed trees across the tracks for one. Washouts are another. I in my time on the railroad never had to deal with a washout, but downed trees I did have to deal with several times after severe storms had passed over one of our lines. The same applied to the hills of West Virginia, especially the Hitop Secondary. West Virginia is known to also get what we in Ohio called “gully washers”. These easily would cause flash flooding, as they do in Ohio.

So today, as stormy skies brew up over the hills of West Virginia, rail traffic on the PC is still moving up the valley, as the Nitro turn heads for Spring Street yard in Charleston….

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