A little bit more….

A little bit more weathering that is. PNC GP10 3403 went into the shop today for a bit more weathering. I’ve been running this locomotive infrequently since I picked it up, and had weathered it somewhat. I had previously sprayed some dirt and grime around the pilots and the trucks as shown below:

You’ll also notice above I only lightly weathered the vents, as well as the roof with the black grey powder made by Pan Pastels. This really didn’t stand out very well, and imo didn’t look like the prototype below:

The unit got somewhat more weathering today, using some dirt colored Pan Pastels on a portion of the walkways, which you may be able to pick up in the photos below. I also sprayed the vents and roof with Vallejo black grey paint.

Just need ACI panels on the side, and perhaps a little more fade under the cab windows, and this one is ready to return to service…..

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