A layout is never finished….

So the saying goes, and it’s true of model railroads. For my layout, I’ve been working for eight years to get it to the point it is now. Every year it seems the manufacturers keep coming out with new must have products. Such is the case with my layout. Coming this month will be more people from Woodland Scenics to populate the layout, followed my some of the new modern era vehicles from WS. also coming soon is a new Walther’s coil car for a Walther’s kit that will come later. This kit will be a company making steel products for one more module I hope to add. Finally, coming sometime this year I hope will be a sound equipped PC U25B.
I almost forgot about adding the new pre-strung pole line also from Woodland Scenics that should be due out hopefully by the end of the year to add to my scenery. Speaking of additional scenery, I’m looking at some weeds from Martin Welberg. And last, more vehicles I hope to add from Classic Mini Metals, especially the 1960 era trucks. So you see, as with my layout, one is never finished!

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