Rolling stock for sale….

I have today revamped the Weathering Depot page a bit, specifically with some extra rolling stock for sale. Please see the descriptions of what is on each car, plus what can be added. These can be purchased through PayPal as you can see. Again, additional weathering can be done to these cars as requested.

Now, for a few answers to what I’m sure will be questions forthcoming. One, these prices, or prices on additional weathering are firm. I do not barter and negotiate. I do not give items away. I factor in the cost of the car, what materials I’ve used cost, plus above all my time. Of course, if you provide the car, then of course this is not a factor, but materials and time would be. Materials and time cost. Judging if you look at my gallery of weathered cars and locomotives, time or labor I put into a project can be considerable. I do not believe in “weathering in a day”, unless you’re taking a spray can of dirt color and over spraying the entire car. If prices appear too high, I suggest looking at a well known weathering website where cars are sold for $800 and up. One other point: if you request a large number of cars to be done with minimal weathering, then I can offer a volume discount.

I, as noted on the page, will have more cars listed soon, as soon as photos can be taken…..

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