Next project…..

Next up on the workbench is this Walther’s Mainline series 50’ ft boxcar lettered for Hillsdale County, a shortline in Michigan. Another purchase from the great people at Spring Creek in Deshler, Nebraska. Be sure to check them out, I can’t say enough good things about the business.

This car will probably be for the Hitop, unless I get an offer on this guy. The car itself is too new for my era, so I’m turning this into a faded, rusted, leased car, probably an EEC Railroad car. So far I have faded the car from a bright green, painted the underside with a black/brown mix, then over sprayed with a bit of black grey, and have finished the roof with a spray of Vallejo rust followed by rust texture.

The car will be patched in numerous places for new data, plus to cover up the old logo and roadname. One thing I forgot to do was to take a photo of the car out of the box before starting. However, here is a prototype photo of a similar car when fairly new:

Here are photos of my progress so far. Waiting on everything to dry before I can seal this for the first time, before taping areas off for the patches:

Stay tuned as I progress on this one. Progress as of today, 10/27 below. Areas have been patched for new decals/stencils, some rust spots added, brake wheel and chain rusted:

This car will be further rusted and dirtied up. Stay tuned….

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