Train time in Nitro….

In between weathering several projects today, we were able to get out and chase the Nitro turn between Nitro and Spring Street yard. The weather was nice, but a bit hazy until as one photo shows, it started to cloud up and the sky darken with rain. Before we hit the Nitro area however, we ran down to Dickinson yard and found this leased boxcar from EEC sitting on track 4. EEC stands for East Erie Commercial. Only the second time we’ve seen a rusted relic from this railroad, so a bit unusual down here. We also caught worn and weathered GP9 7466 in the yard:

After snapping the above photos, we drove up to Nitro to catch the turn going about its business. Today apparently the turn was making a special run to and from Allied Chemical with nothing but tank cars. We found out there were tank cars needed by Allied left in Spring Street when the last crew ran out of hours of service.
We first saw the usual Nitro switcher, Alco 9806 pulling loaded tank cars out of Allied’s loading track. This is a heavy industrial area as you can see, and we had to take the photos from the parking lot outside the security office:

After another move to tack on his caboose, we caught the turn from the Nitro yard office lot as he departed for Spring Street:

Here the chase began down to Spring Street, we caught the turn along the way, and at Spring Street:

The last photo we took at Spring Street was of GP9 7394 tying on to the first string of tank cars to take them to Dickinson. Instead of following him, we followed the Nitro turn back to Nitro, and snapped several photos with the last showing the turn tying up at the yard office. Photos below:

Other errands called us, thus ending another day of catching rail action on the Hitop……

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