Railfan on the loose….

Indeed, yesterday we were out for hours chasing trains on the Hitop. We particularly wanted to follow the Valley job, a turn that works out of Spring Street yard and works industries in West Charleston up to Snow Hill. So, we started in Spring Street catching GP9 7394 as the power for today’s turn, shown below:

Today the crew informed us they had to pick up an empty refrigerator car at Davis Wholesale before heading up the valley, with two cars for Kanawha Valley Feed and Seed and Snow Hill Fertilizer. We followed the turn over to Davis and caught him pulling the reefer:

We snapped two photos of the cars headed to Snow Hill just before the turn pulled out of Spring Street, the followed him up the valley where we caught him rounding a curve:

The crew had to pull an empty hopper and boxcar out of Snow Hill headed back to Dickinson, these shown below:

We couldn’t get good photos at Snow Hill, as the sun was right in our eyes, so we watched. The switching moves there, then followed the turn back to Spring Street, where the turn awaited the Spring Street turn out of Dickinson to pick up the empties, plus tank cars left by the Nitro turn. The job out of Dickinson also brought cars up for Nitro.

My partner ran down to Dickinson yard to catch the Spring Street job putting it’s train together, the departing as shown below:

The PRR hopper would later be set out on a separate track in Spring Street as bad ordered with coupler issues. My better half then drove back up to Spring Street where we caught the turn from Dickinson arriving:

We then snapped photos of both trains in Spring Street maneuvering around each other to sort out their cars, clearing up out of each other’s way, including at one point the Spring Street turn shoving its outbound train up the Hitop Secondary proper. The Spring Street turn brought up two covered hoppers for Holsum, two scrap gons for Paxton-Sullivan scrap, and two syrup tanks for Holsum Baking, plus several boxcars for Armitage Furniture. The turn took back to Dickinson three acid tanks, one fertilizer hopper, one empty boxcar, two covered hoppers, and an empty reefer. Photos from Spring Street below:

As the Valley Job was done, and tied up on the service track in Spring Street, we followed the Spring Street turn back to Dickinson where we caught him arriving, plus right after they tied down the power:

In the top left photo you can just see the PRR hopper that was bad ordered the car department will have to repair. This ends another day of following the action on the busy Secondary….

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