One short project….

One short project today, while awaiting more cars to weather. I had previously purchased this ExactRail bulkhead flat, which is a fairly recent model. As all ExactRail cars, the detailing is fabulous, however,I didn’t like imo the ho-hum wood panels on the deck and bulkheads. To dress this car up, I ordered some weathered flatcar decking from ITLA scale models out of Canada.

The set I had to order however was the 60 foot Athearn bulkhead flat, as they don’t make a set to fit the ExactRail model. Of course this set is too long, and the bulkhead ends are a bit long as well. Out came my Xacto knife to do some trimming, and the result is what you see below. All told this probably took 45 minutes, and I think really enhances the look of the car.

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