Yesterday, we started out thinking we were just going to follow the Spring Street turn from Dickinson yard and return. We actually got more than we bargained for. We were surprised when we got near Spring Street yard that the Valley turn was in the yard awaiting the Spring Street turn.

The Valley turn had started earlier in the morning, headed up the valley to pull several cars out of Kanawha Valley Feed and Seed and Snow Hill fertilizer. It was awaiting the turn from Spring Street to exchange these cars for loads. These loads were headed for Armitage Furniture, Kanawha Feed and Seed, and Davis Wholesale, plus two cars were coming up for the Nitro turn to deliver to Allied Chemical plus Holsum Baking.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll start with catching the Spring Street turn putting its train together in Dickinson yard. The boys in the yard have basically commandeered PL&E GP38-2 2058 for local use. Below we see it putting together its train, plus departing:

We then as usual split up once we found the Valley turn was working. My partner caught up with it before departing Spring Street, then followed it up the valley to Kanawha Valley Feed and Seed and Snow Hill Fertilizer:

Back at Spring Street, the Valley turn was sorting out the cars for the Spring Street turn to pick up, including cars left by the previous trick’s Nitro turn. I arrived just in time to see the turn arriving at Spring Street:

I took photos of the consist of the eastbound Spring Street turn while the power was running around its train for the return trip:

As we were running out of time, we couldn’t stay and catch the Valley turn going about its business of working the new cars brought up, so we at least took a photo of these cars lined up inside Spring Street. The transfer caboose is tied on to the Valley turn’s cars to work, while the next track sat cars for the later Nitro turn:

We as usual followed the Spring Street turn back to Dickinson yard where we caught it arriving below, plus took a photo of the yard job waiting to work the inbound cars:

Next time: we follow the Nitro turn. Stay tuned…..

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