Finished, almost….

My current project is finished, except for its handrails and a future decoder. To finish this one, I sprayed a little Vallejo rust along the top of the roof and cab roof.

Vallejo dirt then light grey color paint was sprayed along the pilots, frame sill, and trucks. The vents and radiator grill was rusted with Vallejo rust texture.

After applying gloss coat to the areas to be decaled, decals from the Microscale Penn Central diesel set were applied, including the locomotive’s maintenance base of Sharonville, where Sharon yard in Cincinnati is located.

I’m sure none of this model was used on the Kanawha Secondary, but again, this model is an unusual model which will come in handy on the tight industrial trackage in Nitro. I also wanted to use a model that I remember seeing the prototype while growing up in Cincinnati.

5 thoughts on “Finished, almost….

  1. Your FM switcher looks “rode hard & put up wet”, which is to say I like it so far.

    I’m modeling the Frisco at the South end of the Arthur Subdivision in Paris, TX circa mid-1970s. Among the motive power I have in the fleet is a Walthers H10-44 in Frisco colors. In real life, Frisco kept these beasts around Tulsa, and let them operate in Oklahoma City and sometimes down in Okmulgee, OK (South of Tulsa on the line to Irving, Tx. Since my road of choice even used 44-robbers in an effort to find a place for them, I’m stretching the plausibility boundary to have one show up as a local switcher in Paris ( 3 other railroads and several busy customers including Campbell Soup makes for up to 3 turns a weekday and one turn to Hugo, OK and interchange with a thru freight there).

    But, who’s to say one didn’t start South of Okmulgee to the A&A Sub at Lakeside, East to Hugo, and South across the Red River to Paris? After all, it IS my railroad! Plus, this switcher has SVC and sound plus is a gift from a dear friend who passed away some time back, so in his honor it’ll do some switching at Campbell’s on the “Soup Job”.

    Looking forward to seeing your wee beastie in action at Nitro.


    1. Great information! Would like to see more of your layout as well. I’ll surely post photos of my new addition running in Nitro after I build this last module. I’ll have quite a bit of industrial trackage on it I’m hoping…


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