Almost there and pallets everywhere….

Well, after working long hours today again before the rains hit, I’m happy to say the module is almost there, almost finished! Today I finished building Campbell Manufacturing, all except the roof details. This kit was a royal pain, as the base was warped for one. Another is three walls join together to form the second story, with no means of support underneath! I had to purchase some Evergreen I-beams to support these three walls as you’ll see below.

I also finished the static grass in front of the building, plus added shrubs by Martin Welberg to complete the scenery. I then added some grass tufts with weeds by them behind the building plus some between the scrapyard and brick/block company. Also added was some coarse turf from Woodland Scenics.

I added some spilled coal around the coal conveyor, finally adding my sets of bricks and concrete blocks, plus some pallets. I’ll finish this area up with a section of barbed wire fence from Alkem between the building and scrapyard. All you’ll see in the photos below.

Next up will be to add all the vents and air conditioning units to the roof of Campbell Manufacturing. I will then add the painted styrene down for the concrete truck pad. The final piece will be to add the gravel by Woodland Scenics to the 84 Lumber area. A Blair Line loading dock will be added plus my stacks of lumber. I may place the remaining wire fence around the lumberyard.

Finally, I’ll give the fascia another coat of green before applying the wood bill boxes from Micro-Mark. Final photos of the project will be coming soon. Stay tuned….!

I also added all the pallets I ordered to various buildings as you’ll see below as well.I finished up by adding the Hayes wheel stops to the two back sidings.

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