Following the Morris Fork turn….

This past week saw me out and about chasing the trains of the Hitop, this time the Morris Fork turn, from Dickinson yard up the Hitop Secondary to Morris Fork. I first caught old reliable GP7 5628 in the yard making up his train, starting with spotting a PRR cabin on the lead. Today’s train would consist of 55 ton hoppers and a PC 40ft boxcar for Morris Fork hardware and farm supply. Photos below :

After the turn departed, I followed him up the valley to Spring Street yard where the branch starts shown in this series of photos below:

Along the Hitop Secondary at some point 5628 conked out while negotiating the hills and curves of the Hitop, so the crew sat until shop forces could arrive and attend to the power. Fixing the problem, 5628 and train continued on to just below Morris Fork where the crew promptly died on hours of service. I was on an adjacent hillside with a telephoto lens as I caught the train coming to a halt. Photos below of the turn leaving Spring Street and starting up the Secondary, going through Hitop, and finally where the train halted:

Next time I’ll cover the relief crew finishing the turns work at Morris Fork, then cover chasing the Nitro turn. Stay tuned….

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