Signs, signs, everywhere a sign….

That’s what is needed the most currently on the Hitop: signs. Even though everything is labeled on the fascia, signs on buildings is really what’s lacking on the layout. The old Caboose Hobbies used to sell a program to make and print your own decal signs, but for some reason I never purchased it. If anyone knows of a good source for making signs, or a good process, or can make signs themselves, please contact me!

6 thoughts on “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign….

  1. noticed your comment ( I goofed ). on the NYC then PC falls road Rochester to Niagara Falls the jobs that turned were referred to as stubs The Brockport stub where I lived and the Middleport stub farther west of me. Love the layout and enjoy following you. Rick


    1. Thanks for following the layout and website Rick, and for the compliment! Interesting that the jobs were called stubs! I know in his book J. Taylor listed the locals on the Kanawha Secondary as “runs”….


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