Rollin’ into RockyOps….!

For the first time ever the Hitop will be among the area layouts open for visitors to operate on during April 29th – May 1st. I’m not sure as yet how many days I will have the layout open. The link below will pretty well explain what RockyOps is all about….

More about RockyOps here:

7 thoughts on “Rollin’ into RockyOps….!

  1. Hey Steve:

    My lovely wife & I will be in Greeley for 2 days on July 2 & 3 visiting my last surviving aunt and her husband. Obviously both the museums in Golden are on our radar and I notice (if I understood correctly that you’re in Parker) you’re not that far away, at least compared to the 1,200 mile drive we will hopefully have recovered from LOL. We would love to see the Hitop in person if it could be arranged during either of those two days (we expect to be in Golden for one of those days if not both of them).

    I’m in the benchwork phase of a basement/garage layout that will run from Boody, VA (N&W – Clinchfield junction an hour north of Kingsport, TN) to Waynesburg, PA (50 miles south of Pittsburgh) with a branch running from Gauley Bridge to Charleston. I’d love to see what you’ve done with that area for sure. I’m modeling late ’90’s, can’t decide whether to go pre-Conrail-split or its aftermath. It will be a sectional layout, meaning when I can do more in the hobby it’ll be taken apart rather than torn down. I have dispatched 3 Clinchfield layouts over the years and also spent a few years dispatching or working yards on a 5,000 sq ft LA&SL (Union Pacific) than ran LA to Ogden with some ATSF/SP lineage thrown in as well. Currently I’m dispatching a Lehigh Valley layout in Brentwood, TN (Mark Nolan) and getting a feel for northeastern railroading pre-Conrail. I’m always looking for ideas and am impressed with what you’ve done with your layout.

    If Elisa & I can work it out with the Apache Railway, we’ll be stopping in Snowflake, AZ on the way home and visiting locomotive 82, which started its life as Tennessee Central 400 (hence my e-mail address). We are looking forward to our trip and hoping your railroad can be part of it.

    Wayne Jenkins Hermitage, TN 37076 (615) 400-5839



      1. Hey Steve, we will be in Greeley July 2 & 3 with plans to head to Golden both days (model RR museum one day, the Railroad museum the other day. We’re booked to ride Leadville RR at 10 a.m. on the 4th and work south from there. It’s a tight window and I’m aware of your moving plans so we’ll have to look ahead as to will be happening those days. Hope to hear from you. And Congratulations!


      2. Thank you very much Wayne! We’ll be moved by May 18th, so July won’t be a problem at all to meet, and I’m looking forward to it! I may still have the original 4×8 to see at my new place….


  2. Hi Steve You must be in or around Denver. Lived in Montpellier up in then the very NE corner of city & county of Denver 1974-1978. Think that was before Rocky Ops even started. Did make it to a Rocky Ops South in 2009. Got to run on Bob Foltz’ Santa Fe layout!

    Sent from my iPhoneAndy Andy Jackson Santa Fe Springs CA



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